Exploring and Embracing 15 Secrets to Genuine and Lasting Unity

One of our greatest strengths lies in the many potential benefits of our diversity. Yet rather than nurturing a genuine and healthy diversity that will keep us strong, many seem preoccupied with relentlessly forcing a manufactured “diversity” that divides and weakens us.

The Sensible Diversity Workshop aims to counter this misguided effort through a comprehensive collection of real-world observations, insights and conversation starters that address the many critical issues impacting our ability to achieve true and meaningful diversity. This unique curriculum provides a refreshing alternative to the ideological, aggressive, and oftentimes punitive diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) agenda widely touted and imposed by HR departments, academia, progressive politicians, and the media.

Workshop Format

Presented as 15 secrets to sensible diversity, the curriculum presents a softer, natural approach to fostering genuine inclusion and unity by shifting the focus away from our differences and onto our sameness, and away from a naïve, utopian world view to one that is rooted in the real world and driven by common sense.

Each “secret” relates to a critical diversity-related subject area, and serves as an individual learning module containing the following elements:

Insightful quotations: Words of wisdom related to each specific subject area set the tone and establish a mindset for the forthcoming content.

A comprehensive explainer: Crisp, clear, and objective analysis on the current state of diversity efforts in the respective topic area, presented in an intuitive essay format.

Thought-provoking critical thinking exercises: Case-in-point statements with guiding questions that encourage the original and objective real-world ideas and action steps required in achieving true and meaningful diversity. There are a total of 138 critical thinking exercises across the curriculum.

Workshop Objective

This curriculum does not claim to have the answers, but instead poses the following tough questions:

1- Are current diversity efforts helping or hurting our abilities to meet the important goals of inclusion, equal opportunity, and unity for everyone?

2- Do these efforts ensure that our society remains functional and sustainable throughout and after the diversification process?

By carefully evaluating our current approach to diversity in the context of these important questions, we can then begin to collectively formulate a new approach that is genuine, fair, and lasting.

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