Additional Information on The Sensible Diversity Workshop

Who created The Sensible Diversity Workshop?

The Sensible Diversity Workshop was designed and developed by The Center for Sociopolitical Change, Inc. The Center is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization engaged in the development of learning products that encourage original and objective thinking in important social and political subject areas.

Who can benefit from the insight, analysis and critical thinking exercises presented in The Sensible Diversity Workshop?

The curriculum’s flexible and adaptable critical thinking framework is suitable for individual self-study, family education, and facilitated classroom use at school or in the workplace.

The curriculum can be used in its entirety, or applicable topic areas can be used independently as breakout sessions, conversation starters, or as a framework for other individual or group activities.

What are people saying about The Sensible Diversity Workshop?

“A welcome embodiment of pure common sense.”

“Required reading for those seeking real positive social progress.”

“An essential curriculum for every American home, classroom and workplace.”

“A real-world wake-up call for HR and the DEI mob!”

“A powerful tool for encouraging and enabling the silent majority to speak and be heard.”

“Smart diversity for and by humans, not HR.“

“A rational response to the reckless progressive agenda that is dividing us in the name of diversity.”

“Fair and respectful treatment of contentious topic areas.”

How much does The Sensible Diversity Workshop cost?

Three licenses are available. Details on the permitted uses for each license can be found in the Purchase Options pages. Licensing fees help our nonprofit organization recover the development costs of this product, and provide funding for the ongoing development of other products and programs.

$ 20 – Individual and Family License

$ 50 – Public School License Learn more.

$150 – Limited Commercial License

How is the product packaged and delivered when purchased?

The Sensible Diversity Workshop is 189 pages in length. Pages are standard 8.5″ X 11″ US letter size. The document is available for download in standard PDF file format. Viewing and printing this document requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader or comparable PDF file viewer.

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