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License Terms and Conditions

A public school license allows use of The Sensible Diversity Workshop content in multiple classrooms at one specific public or not-for profit elementary school, middle school or high school location.

Each additional physical school location within a school district will require its own public school license.

Obtaining a license for The Sensible Diversity Workshop does not constitute ownership of the content but permits use of the content in accordance with the conditions, restrictions, and permitted uses specified herein.

All content remains the copyrighted intellectual property of its authors.

The licensed product may not be stored at any location on a computer, network or other storage or communication device accessible by anyone other than the licensee.

Unless in accordance with a permitted use indicated above, no part of the licensed content may be copied, renamed, repackaged, or otherwise rebranded, nor embedded in any other work in any form or by any means.

Resale of any part of licensed content is prohibited.

Transfer, assignment or sublicensing of this license agreement is prohibited.

This license is non-refundable.